It’s your story.

Though everyone says you’re about to start a life together — really, your love story is already well underway. It’s the foundation of your wedding film, after all.

Knowing more about you, your inspirations, and how your love story is unfolding gives us a deeper understanding of what is meaningful to you individually and together.

Behind the Lens

There are thousands of decisions to make for every story. The way we shoot and edit heavily depends on the emotions behind what we’re capturing. We license appropriate audio tracks that align with your story and visuals. Music has always been a huge inspiration in composing the films we create. It should match not only the tone of your wedding, but what your story encompasses.

Our Story

I am a filmmaker at heart who fell in love with telling stories. My interest in filming started in high school shooting skateboarding sessions with friends. Soon I started documenting musicians and touring the country with bands and artists. After living in NYC and LA, I moved to Philadelphia where Solidity Films was born. Although the subject has changed over the years, the most important aspect to me has and will always be the story.

A big reason we are so passionate about love is because we are fortunate to be madly in love ourselves. We (Tom and Claudia) first met as teenagers at a local music venue. Over the years, our friendship developed into romance. We celebrated our wedding in October of 2016 and currently live in Philadelphia with our cats, Ham and Baxter.


Start the Process

Begin the seamless process to developing your personal wedding film.


"Nothing was scripted or forced, and we hardly knew they were there."
- Jennifer & Ryan -