"Tom is not only a very talented videographer he happens to be the most genuine person and easily our favorite vendor that we worked with (and we had some pretty awesome vendors). From our very first conversation with Tom we felt so comfortable and he put our mind at ease since one of our main concerns was we didn’t want our wedding to feel like a production or a bunch of cameras on us, but he assured us that his style of filming is very discreet and that day we barely even noticed he was there at all. Tom takes the time to get to know you as a couple and what is important and significant to make sure he incorporate it into your films. There isn’t enough words to thank Tom for helping to capture our day to perfectly, it truly is priceless."
- Sammy Jo & Rocco -

You must be the kind of couple who values experiences.

You want your wedding to be centered around people, and twenty years from now, you want to remember how it felt. That’s because your story is much more than a wedding.

We’re committed to creating films that focus on story and raw emotions.


Though everyone says you’re about to start a life together — really, your love story is already well underway. It’s the foundation of your wedding film, after all.

Knowing more about you, your inspirations, and how your love story is unfolding gives us a deeper understanding of what is meaningful to you individually and together.

There are thousands of decisions to make for every story. The motives behind how we shoot and edit heavily depends on the emotions behind what we’re capturing. By maintaining an unobtrusive presence on shoots, we are able to witness and capture authentic feelings.

Sound and music are driving forces for us when composing films. The score should match not only the tone of your wedding, but what your story encompasses. Our number one priority is producing a film that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the feelings of that time and place in your lives.


I’ve been a filmmaker since the age of 16 and fell in love with documenting personal interests like the local music and skateboard scene.  Soon I started documenting national musicians and touring the country with bands and artists, producing documentary films. After living in NYC and LA, I found home in Philadelphia where Solidity was started.

Transitioning into documenting love stories was a natural feeling. Although the subject has changed over the years, the most important aspect to me has and will always be the story.


A big reason we are so passionate about love is because we are fortunate to be madly in love ourselves.

We (Tom and Claudia) first met as teenagers at a local music venue in the small state of Delaware. Over the years, our friendship developed into romance. We call Philadelphia home with our cats, Ham and Baxter, and celebrated our own wedding in October of 2016.

When we’re not being homebodies, we love seeing new places and bringing our skateboards. We’re mostly drawn to European cities and adventurous landscapes, not planning our trips to detail. While Tom is a filmmaker, Claudia is a floral designer (sometimes our paths cross!) You can !

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"From the very first phone call, they were responsive, kind, flexible, and an overall pleasure to work with. On the day of our wedding, Tom was so amazingly kind to work with, and made everyone feel so comfortable and at ease, which helped to capture the most authentic moments."
- Hannah & Ryan -