Solidity Films
"It was unlike anything else I had encountered during my arduous search for a wedding videographer, and certainly the first time I had been moved to tears within three minutes of watching a total stranger's wedding story."
- Kimberly & Jeffrey -


You must be the kind of couple who values experiences. You want your wedding to be centered around people, and ten years from now, you want to remember how it felt.

That’s because your film is much more than a wedding. It is the culmination of two lives, the beginning of a journey, and we take tremendous pride in being the ones to tell your story. We’re committed to creating films that focus on story and raw emotions.

We uncover the heart of your story by listening.

Genuine Moments

We start by getting to know you by asking all kinds of questions. Your answers will help us to define meaningful moments that will drive your story.

When capturing the important events on your wedding day that call to your story, we blend in like your guests. We love letting the events unfold naturally while keeping you comfortable as if we weren’t there.


The power of audio and visuals paired together is beyond compare. Using different cues that call to your unique love and experience therein. When selecting a score for your film, we ensure the music compliments the mood and feelings surrounding the day.

We make wedding films inspired by your love story so you get to relive these moments again and again.

Start the Process

Begin the seamless process to developing your personal wedding film.


"Tom was absolutely incredible to work with, from the planning process to the end of the wedding reception. Solidity will help create a vision for your video so you too can relive your magical day for the rest of your life!"
- Kelsey & Jason -